About The Family Songs

This site was made so that you could have songs to share with your family. Instead of focussing on just one family member, it extends to the whole family so there are family songs about moms, dads, sons and daughters.

While there are plenty of mothers day songs and fathers day songs, the songs are not limited to these and there are even a few songs about other family members too.

There are also songs with the theme of family as a whole that are not about a specific member of the family.

In other words all aspects of family songs are covered on this site!

Song Choices

In addition to diversity in the song choice, the aim has been to include only the very best songs about family.

There is no such thing as a music chart based on family. Music charts tend to be based around genres of music and copies sold.

This chart is based on quality of music. On here you'll find the top 50 family songs ranked in order.

Number 1 is the highest position and number 50 is the lowest. Whatever the position, what we can guarantee is that these are all good family songs!

Everyday Songs About Family

Another aim of this site is to have 'everyday' songs. In other words they do not have to include the words 'mothers day' or 'fathers day' in them.

You will find songs suitable for these occasions, but the songs can just as easily be dedicated to your family on any other day of the year.

Do you love your family every day? Of course you do (though you may love them more on some days than others) and so these are family songs that can be played whether it's the middle of June or the last day of Christmas.

You will also find songs to remind you of your family if you are away from them for work, study or any other life commitments.

And The Number 1 Family Song Is...

You're about to find out the top 50 family songs of all time. Which song do you think will be the number 1 song and who will it be about?

Will it be a one of the sister songs or mom songs? Or will it be about someone else? What song will it be?

How many of these great songs through the years can you remember and how many are new to you?

Which is the number 1 family song of all time? Let's find out...